Fit Soul Class–Starts February 23, 2015 in Holden

Fit Soul Class (2)

I am very excited for this new partnership that I have made with the Town of Holden. Check out this press release:


The Town of Holden is pleased to announce that we are offering a new class beginning on Feb. 23 and running for 7 weeks.  This FitSoul Wellness class will help to enrich your health and well-being through educational and self-development classes, holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  The topics covered in these hands-on classes include goal setting, physical health, how to fit fitness into your lifestyle, nurturing yourself for a stress-free life, eating for energy and bringing it all together.  The cost of this program is $200.  You will receive a binder that will include workshop information.   Private Facebook support and weekly emails with videos/documents/tips, etc. will also be included in this program.    This dynamic instructor will be available to discuss and answer questions about FitSoul  on Wednesday, February 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Recreation office, located at 1420 Main St. Holden.   Please call the Recreation office at 508-829-0263 with any questions, or go here to register for this program.

Ready to take the leap with me?

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2014 has been an amazing year for me, I became a mom again to a little boy and motherhood became that much cooler to me. I looked at my two kids and said wow, I’m your mom and I want to be a cool, fun, hardworking and successful mom. At that point, I decided that I was also ready to take a leap…and focus on my mission, my purpose in life: help people find their life’s path and purpose and be healthy while they’re doing it…Soul Sync Wellness took a new turn, logo was changed, new website is in the works (2015 launch), and I put together the new plan. The plan to take this hobby that I have been doing for over 5 years to the next level. People started calling me, I started experiencing this synchronicity that everyone talks about, and I knew ultimately I was on the right path. I became more intuitive and began letting my soul guide me instead of my head. I had always wondered how I got to where I had arrived or why I had been where I had been…It finally had made sense to me.

I then decided that I needed to do a little more soul searching to ensure that I had figured out everything that I had wanted and needed to do to take this forward so I did what I always do, self-reflect…. I asked myself 3 questions:

Q. When am I the happiest?

A. When I am being creative, having fun, being with my family, feeling healthy, creating something new, and seeing success in others.

Q. Why would anyone want to learn from and work with me?

A. I’m outgoing, I love to have fun and laugh, I ask reflective questions, I sense people’s energies, I have a voice just like others do, I’ve struggled and I have thrived, I strive to have a healthy life, I am a mom, wife, and career woman, and I’m dedicated to helping people in anyway that I can.

Q. What’s stopping me from taking the leap?

A. Me. My fear of succeeding and failing, the unknown, so many people are doing the “health” thing…how do I distinguish me as me?

The last question there was probably the easiest to answer, yet the hardest to overcome. I mean…how easy is it really to stop the critic inside you? (not that easy). I took a moment closed my eyes and breathed into this thought and said STOP out-loud to myself. I knew that the only person holding me back was myself. I realized that I had my tools all in my toolbox, and all I needed to do was to allow myself the opportunity to actually leap and release the worry.

The truth is that no matter how many life experiences you have, education, or certifications, we all continue to learn and grow each day. As time went on this past year I began to say, if I meet fear, I’ll acknowledge it and kindly move on, and if I fail, it has made me that much stronger and has taken me towards the direction that I need to go in….and succeeding….well, that means that I am happy. In turn, I started doing what made me  happy each day, and I can truly say that as we come to a close this year, I am ready to take the leap….

My advice to you if you feel like you are not sure where you are going or if what you are doing makes sense, ask yourself these 3 simple questions.

And, I forgot to share one awesome resource that helped me shift my thinking slowly over the past few years…I know many moms will say…”well, you had children”…that’s true, but what opened my soul more was The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. I’ve used it with friends, colleagues, and clients…more importantly, I used it myself. In 2015, I’m taking the leap with this and bringing it to groups starting here in Massachusetts. If you are ready to take the leap with me, learn more and sign up here. You owe it to yourself to dig deep, be real, dream big, and achieve it.

Happy Holidays from my Family to yours.

Connie 🙂

Did you Do the Challenge?

What’s the most important thing you have to do today???

I know some of you may be thinking the “ALS ice bucket challenge” right? well that one too! It’s amazing how fast something can go viral and especially when it is for a good cause, so if you haven’t been challenged yet, I’m sure you are next! 

The challenge I’m really talking about is the 30 day Power of ONE challenge that I hosted last month. It was awesome! The comments and e-mails about seeing how this simple concept has helped people like you relax, get things done you have been procrastinating on, and finally focus on what matters most, has been amazing. I wanted to provide a recap of the four weeks for those of you who may have missed it:

Week One: Introduction to the Power of ONE and the 30 day Challenge.

Week Two: The Power of ONE in improving your health and wellness.

Week Three: The Power of ONE in Maximizing Relationships

Week Four: The Power of ONE in your Career and Work.

So just in case you didn’t have a chance to join in on the fun last month, it’s not too late, your resources are right here. It’s like having me right in your back pocket. I will be posting a new 30 day Challenge in just a few short weeks, but until then take advantage of doing this even for just one week. What are you willing to commit to today to manifest your greatness? can you commit to even one day of this? 

And if you need a little help, e-mail me at, I would be happy to help you make this happen. 

Next post…so excited about this one because I get to share with you information on my new website coming out and an awesome photo shoot I just had for my new site, so stay tuned, stay real and keep it healthy!



The 30 Day Power of One Challenge Begins July 1


You might be thinking…30 days…Power of One….What is this? Here it is…plain and simple:


are busy

have too much to do

are stressed

have fear

have guilt

lose our energy

our lists get longer and days feel shorter

let our brains get in our way

lose focus

often give up

YET We Want….

to be happy

the best in life

our dreams achieved

to feel accomplished

to feel confident

and finally say, I DID IT!

And you shall. The 30 Day Power of One Challenge is about getting there 

one thought at a time

one day at a time

because you only have “one thing to do”

You see, it’s the power of focus, letting your intuition lead you to where you need to be, no pressure, no guilt, no long lists. It’s a 30 day mental challenge in allowing yourself to let your inner guide lead you. The results after 30 days will amaze YOU, no one else, but YOU! You will feel brighter, lighter, happier, and will say “I DID IT!”

Whether you have been meaning to lose weight, spend more time with yourself, family, friends, get healthy, be more productive at work or in your day to day life, plan that trip you have been meaning, finish those projects that you have wanted, you name it, committing to the Power of One challenge, will help you get there! And on top of that, you will have a community of others who will be doing the same thing there to support each other through the process. 

So what do you have to do?

Each day in the month of July, you will ask yourself, “what is the most IMPORTANT thing I have to do today?” the first thing that pops into your mind should be where you begin. When you have completed that, you will ask yourself the same question. That’s it! When you have completed your “thing” whatever that is…post it on twitter #powerofone and/or also on the facebook page. I will post a worksheet for you to keep track of your progress throughout the month, and together we will see how much awesomeness happens in 30 days. 

Don’t worry….I will be right there to help support and guide you especially on those days that can be overwhelming or you just plain are done with doing a 30 day challenge. These things happen and I totally get it. It’s ok if you miss a day or more, just get right back into it. Remember why you decided to do this? You see…one day does not have to build on the next, you can always get right back in it. For those that complete the 30 day challenge, I will personally send you a free Soul Sync Wellness “I’m Powered by ONE” t-shirt (more info to come). So join it, invite your friends, family, colleagues do it together and let your greatness manifest! Let’s start a revolution (insert Beatles song here…lol). I believe in you, do you believe in you?

p.s. I’m doing it too! I’m in this with you because we all need a little help from our friends 🙂

Much Love…Connie

Your Health and Lifestyle Coach










Are YOU Getting in your Own Way?

ImageIf you are like me, there have been way too many times when you get super duper excited that you are finally accomplishing what you have been putting on the back burner for a million years, but then out of no where, a stop sign appears, some divine intervention, and all efforts come to a screeching halt, you get derailed…and you’re like WTF! IS THIS FOR REAL? Why can’t I just get this done? Work with me universe! It could be a new project at work, that closet you needed to clean out, buying a house or car on your own, saving, investing, starting a new workout or eating plan, planning that vacation, or even reading your favorite book and taking some time to spend with the people you love. It could be anything!

Think of a time when this happened to you. A time when you were finally ready to finish something, let it go (thank you frozen), check it off…that “thing” that took residence in the back of your mind, pit of your stomach…especially since it finally got to that #1 spot on your to-do list and boom….back to question mark. You all of a sudden turn into the child in this picture above, pout and all.

Unfortunately,  situations like this happen and often lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, exhaustion…and ultimately we get filled with negativity or as I call it…gook.  We get in this rut and the lists keep getting longer and longer, the time gets shorter and shorter and in the end you get mad at yourself because there’s always something that gets in your way of accomplishing what you really want or need to get done. Ever find yourself saying…boy I need a personal assistant….HELP?! Or these infamous 4 words…WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? Suddenly you feel like a car ready to go, but all out of gas.

Well, good news is nothing is wrong with you…but how you handle life’s unexpected curb balls may need some tweaking….you ever think that “you could be getting in your own way?” could it possibly be that you are preventing yourself from getting what you need done? Could your attitude and how you handle life’s unexpected pauses be the reason it goes back to the end of the list? The reality is yes, things do happen for a reason and maybe timing has a lot to do with how things play out and maybe it wasn’t meant to be on that list anyways! It’s funny, but we actually hold onto these things without even knowing it. It’s almost like our security blanket or internally we have some fear related to it that we just can’t let go. To help you with this, and the next time  you feel like screaming WTF, think of the interpretation this way:

WWipe away your gook

Why let the aggravation win, it’s not worth it. Who wants to stay negative Nancy forever? I don’t. When the curb ball comes your way, ask yourself a simple “why did this happen?” and “Did I have control over it?” Two simple questions to help you determine if you got in your own way. If it happens, acknowledge that it did, and let it go. This will help clear your mind and soul of emotions. If it helps, repeat….”let it go, let it flow” at least three times or when you get frustrated about the situation.

TTake control of your wheel

You have the opportunity to control how you react to any situation and/or scenario. Take a deep breath in, close your eyes and picture yourself sitting in a driver’s seat and putting your hands on the wheel, Ask yourself where you are headed with that one thing that is now at the bottom of the list. so, where are you headed?  This will allow yourself to become more centered with what truly you are meaning to do with it. If it’s not clear in your mind, it will continue to be at the bottom of the list.

FFocus on what is the most important

We have long to-do lists. I honestly think a to-do list should have no more than 3 things on it (better yet..just 1), especially for that day. Why set the expectations higher than 1 or 2 or 3 things? Make it achievable and not only that, but it will be the most important thing(s) you need to do on that given day. When you’re done, you can think of a new “to-do”. Simplify your list to simplify your mind and provide you with clarity and direction to get what you need done.

Have a great week!




This Valentine’s Day, Learn to Love YOU!

This Valentine’s Day, Learn to Love YOU!Image

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I stand strong today dedicating my life to helping others learn how to love and take care of themselves first before loving anything else. I didn’t just come up with this overnight or determine that this would be my total passion and life path for myself, and no an apple didn’t fall out of the tree hit me on the head and say “boom, that’s it” (Although, looking back that would have been helpful..haha) I stumbled upon the journey myself and had no idea I was in it. Growing up as a first generation woman, I had rules and expectations that were set out for me, and I was also determined to have my own rules and expectations that I had set for myself…but always in the back of my mind, I felt guilty that I wasn’t getting to where I had hoped or that I was letting others down. For most of my 20s I felt like I wasn’t ever happy…didn’t know what it was that I actually wanted. I knew I had something to give, but just couldn’t figure it out completely. I found myself totally stressed all of the time, worried about everything and everyone, always in debt, constantly sick, was always looking for my ideal mate yet the wrong one always seemed to pop up. I had moved away from my family to pursue my Master’s Degree and start a life of my own (whatever that meant?!), and didn’t completely understand why I was in this cloud of confusion. I remember crying a lot, yet not understanding why? Why couldn’t I get out of this bubble of thoughts and make things happen for myself in a positive way.

It wasn’t until 2007 when I was sitting at my computer a midst trying to change my profile for an online dating site, that I asked myself an important question, “What’s most important to me, right now?” Today…not yesterday, tomorrow, or a month from now…just simply today. I had recalled a spiritual healer I had gone to see a few months back she had asked me that question…at the time, my answer was “have no clue!”  I never had realized that once I started to focus on today, what was in front of me at that moment I had more power than I had ever thought. I answered my question that moment, “I said I wanted to be happy.” A second question then came up, “How do I get happy?” Well…that one took a bit longer to figure out, but that next moment, out of nowhere I opened up google and typed “Health, Wellness, and Leadership.” Those were the three words that came to me at that moment. The first thing that came up was “get certified as a holistic health coach”. Next day I called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, found out about the program and enrolled for 2008, graduated in 2009. I didn’t realize that while I decided to randomly drive myself to NYC every other weekend for this certification and without having any clue about what this all meant for me in the long run, I went. I knew no one, but walked into Lincoln Center with 2000 other people who that first day decided to commit to better health, wellness, and ultimately a much happier life. That day, I made a commitment to myself that I would take a Vitamin “L” (LOVE) each day and give this a shot. I felt as though I was getting in my car without having any clue where it would take me…no lie. Who would have thought that through this journey I realized that I didn’t love myself enough, I didn’t have any confidence in myself, even though I was an extremely outgoing person, and all I needed to do was to look in front of me and focus on me first…I know it may sound selfish at first, but the kind of focus I’m talking about is loving your strengths, loving your weaknesses, and loving the fact that you have the power to drive your car and steer it in any direction that you wish. Scary for sure, but that’s only if you focus on the destination only. We are always in such a rush to get there. What’s more important is the time you spend investing in yourself and truly you will find what transpires. Once I started doing this each day, things started turning around for me…no joke. I finally realized why I was getting sick so much and started changing my eating habits, exercise and opened up to natural healing therapies. I started using daily affirmations to help me love myself more, and I had even seen a difference in my full time job. I started adding in things that mattered and phrases that would bother me, I embraced. I never thought about removing things, instead I thought about what can I add to my life that will help crowd out the unwanted stuff. Finally, I began to see that I had a gift and something to share with others…that aha moment finally came to me. I surrounded myself with other coaches that focused on what I needed guidance on and helped me address my fears through more love for myself, and I slowly then began to help others begin to take Vitamin “L” as well. I had no idea how powerful having a coach to help me along would be in my life. Fast forward to 2014, I did end up finding my soul mate, started a family, and have now dedicated myself to help others get out of their cloud, the rut, and remove that feeling in the gut! Whether you are single, in a relationship, want a better career, more money, more time, a skinnier waistline, you name it this Valentine’s Day, I want you to remember these 5 things:

  1. Give yourself a little Vitamin “L” (Love each day). We all need love in our lives, but if we always expect it from others then we are limiting ourselves from our true potential.
  2. Focus on today…today will allow you to be in the present moment and will ultimately lead you to tomorrow’s today.
  3. Remind yourself each day that “you rock” and that your rock…is YOU!
  4. Wherever you are right now, today, is where you are meant to be.
  5. Ask yourself 2 questions, “What’s most important to you?” and “What makes you happy?”


And, for the ladies out there who are reading this, and you missed the article in the Telegram this week, here it is

Much love,

Connie 🙂

5 Revolutionary Thoughts for your New Year’s Resolutions

IMG_3895As we close on 2013, I wanted to share with you some insights on making next year “your year”. And I mean…actually making what you want to happen come to fruition. I know we get busy and life gets in the way…totally have been there and have been right with you with excuses. A year goes by and we say wow, I wish I did that this past year…and then make it the same resolution for the next year…and the next…and next…I want to offer you my 5 simple tips to help you stop the cycle and say, YES, I finally accomplished that (even if it has been five years). I do feel as though it is about the journey as much as the destination, so don’t worry about how long it actually took you, just smile and say…I got there! Happy New Year!

1. Keep it Real! Just because you have been meaning to make more money, start a new fitness plan, eat better, have more time for yourself or your family/friends, live a more balanced life (list could go on right???) doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once. In fact, the long and daunting to-do lists can cause you to pause instead of allowing your mind the ability to focus on what is realistic. Some of us can jump right in to making things happen, while others…well, we need a little nudge. If we set our bar too high, we’ll not feel like we can get there, but little steps can help it get REAL enough for us to actually do.

2. The Power of One. I have found myself this year saying this a lot. Or maybe I should say repeating it in my head over and over again. Instead of saying you want to do all 20 things on  your list and the countdown starts today, pick one…one that means the most to you, and maybe the one that in your mind seems the easiest. This will help initiate that momentum you need to get it going. Once you have that one thing accomplished, you then can move onto the next one, but always remind yourself to say…”I only have one thing to do” and when that is done, you still only have “one thing to do“.

3. The Magic 3 Questions. I’ll keep this one simple…take out a piece of paper, at the top make 3 columns, and then 3 rows. In each column, I want you to write the following 3 questions, “What do I really want for me this year?” “What do I need to make it happen?” and “Why is this important to me?” In each row, write down your dreams for 2014. As you answer each of these questions related to your dream, pause for at least 30 seconds, focus on your feelings (not easy to do, but with practice, you’ll get there), out of what you wrote, you can pick that “one” that feels the most powerful to you to start with.

4. Find an Accountability Buddy. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, the people you surround yourself with are a representation of you…it really is true. Find someone (only one) that you can check in with once a week to chat about your progress, and they can also check in with you about their progress. It can be a facebook chat, tweet, text…whatever works and is easiest for you! Remember, keep it simple, but keep it going :-). The motivation will come from both of your successes and it will be fun in the process too!

5. Hocus Focus! All you have to do is remember this…Post it, Pin it, Stare at it…OFTEN…to win it! Play it to your favorite song and repeat with your own style. If you believe in what you are saying and wanting, it will happen. The law of attraction is a true gift. This past year, I would wake up every morning and set my intention for the day…Connie, stop making excuses and open my dream to reality…the more I repeated this, I started to put up visual symbols around me…for example, I bought a planner with my dream written on it and I changed my iPhone cover to have my dream written on it too…ok, that was what I did and it may not be for you, but it allowed me to focus on what I wanted and truly investigate my feelings surrounding it. A year later, I am much clearer in my mind and have confidence in myself to move forward. Just change my name to yours and see what manifests!

Here’s a good way to remember all of these….Repeat this affirmation each day: “I have the REAL POWER to  make MAGIC happen with ACCOUNTABILITY and FOCUS.” Cheers to you and to making your 2014 dreams come true!

p.s. I want to hear how it all goes, so don’t forget to e-mail me at!

Much Love,



My favorite smart apps on health and wellness…

As a health coach, I get this question all of the time….”what app can I add to my phone or iPad to help hold me accountable for my health and wellness goals?” I have spent a lot of time searching for one that meets my clients needs, but can’t say that I have found my favorite one just yet…so until then…here you have it, Connie’s version of favorite apps:

1. Foodily–An opportunity to share recipes or follow someone who has great healthy recipes! I personally follow Dr. Mark Hyman’s feed…good stuff!
2. Fooducate–probably one of my favs! Provides you with an opportunity to scan your items at the grocery store while you are shopping and provides you with healthier options! It’s your personal shopper…and provides great education about the products (especially if you are looking for non-GMO products and specific foods for allergies)
3. FitID–track your meals, fitness activity and post pictures of your progress. Your friends can comment and help keep you motivated through positive thoughts!
4. Fitocracy–A great way to motivate yourself and your friends through goal setting. It’s an awesome way to keep track of how you have been doing and receive advice from fitness or even nutrition experts on keeping your goals moving forward.
5. GPS4Soul–ever look for a way to relax or take a moment to meditate? This app assesses your stress levels and makes recommendations on ways to help you relax and take a moment from that stressful day!

There are many more out there for sure…it’s all about finding what works for you! Many of the apps are focused on calories, diets and overall bring people working together towards a common goal. We all know that the networking method helps us achieve our goals, right?! I encourage you to find one that works for you based on what your individual needs are. Even though social media is an excellent resource to help us achieve our goals, it might not be for everyone and it can also overwhelm us. I always like to emphasize the inner work that we all need to do to find the core reason(s) why one might not be achieving those health and wellness goals. Before you make a decision on which one might work, answer the following three fill in the blanks for yourself to help guide you to the app closest to your needs:

  • My health and wellness goals are _________________________________
  • The support I need to accomplish my goals are ________________________________
  • I can get overwhelmed by ____________________________________________

Once you have your answers, compare it to the goal of the apps available to you and try it out! Best of luck as you begin your journey!

Much love,

Connie 🙂

FREE Group Coaching class for women–looking for two more

As a CHHC, I have a lifelong passion to help others become healthy from the inside out and achieve their health and wellness goals. Just to clarify, I am not a dietitian or a nutritionist. My main role is to coach you through whatever your goals are and not provide you with one menu to follow. The reason for that is that we are all different. What is good and works for you may not be good for me. The theory behind it is Bio-individuality. If your goal is to lose weight or make more time for yourself, for example, then I will work with you on accomplishing that goal and provide you with all the necessary information and support to help you get there. The main concept that I look at is adding in all of the good stuff.  By adding in the “good stuff” you can begin to crowd out the things that may not be the best for you! Sometimes we know what we need to do, but life gets in the way and we feel like we just can’t get there…that’s when a coach is helpful!
The programs I offer are one-on-one or group coaching. The one-on-one program is six months while the group coaching program is three. I have a set curriculum that I work with you on as you navigate through your goals and I tweak and tailor it to meet your needs. Some of you may have read how important health coaching is becoming. Unfortunately, today we have to be our own doctors and listen to what our body wants and needs more so than ever before.
Now that I have given you some information about what I do, here’s where I need your help. I am looking for 7-10 women who are willing to go through my group health coaching program for FREE. So there has to be a catch right? A little one…The catch is that you have to commit for the entire three months, provide your feedback on your experience and share your story with family and friends. I’m actually looking to do a an analysis on the program and put together some data on the group coaching experience. Each session is 90 minutes and we will meet twice per month on Mondays at 7 p.m. at my house. I will provide some light refreshments. During the off weeks, I will schedule a 20-30 minute one-on-one phone call or in person meeting to check in with you on the progress of your health and wellness goals.  That’s it!
Feel free to send this to whomever you think might benefit from participating in this.
If you are ready to commit to your health…please e-mail me by Monday, April 9 at 
Here are the dates and topics explored:
May 7–Creating Connection and Defining Goals/Complex Carbs and Primary Food Introduction
May 21–Food and Mood/Cravings
June 4–Nurturing the Self/Intuition and Digestion
June 18–Understanding your Body Type/Protein
July 2–Healthy on the Go and Relationships/Relaxation and Connection
July 16–Understanding Who you Are
Your help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to talking with you soon!
Connie 🙂